Development Blog


- July Update -

It's been a crazy couple months for me personally with an unexpected move. I haven't been able to put as many hours as I'd like into the game, but when is that ever not the case? Maybe if I was working full time on the game alone then I'd be satisfied with the amount of work on it...

Despite life being somewhat crazy and hectic, I've made some great strides on Dark Sales, specifically on the back end that makes the game work nicely and play well. Here are some of the new features/developments I've made over the past few months.

Money and Destructible Objects

Enemies now drop copious amounts of loot. Also there are many objects in the environment which you can smash, some of which could possibly contain goodies! Who doesn't love loot and smashing shit?

Level Up and Stats

This one is a big un'. Now you can use your hard earned sales to level up your character at water coolers. These stats now affect your character in many different ways, from improving health and stamina, to increasing damage, resistances and much more.

Branching Paths, Side Rooms

The Nardrol Business Park is a sprawling labyrinth of pathways and secrets. I've crafted doorways, both locked and unlocked, to navigate the offices. These include destinations like bathrooms, conference rooms, and much more. You will also find challenge rooms littered throughout the world which present brutal difficulty yet hide fantastic prizes for those brave enough to tackle them.

Elevators and Ladders have also been put into the game to aid with getting around. Everyone enjoys finding a good shorcut.

Loot Loot Loot

Item pickups can be found in many locations throughout your journey. Some are as simple as picking them up off the ground, while others are guarded by dangerous foes. Enemies have a slim chance to drop items themselves as well. These items are nearly fully implemented into the game and just a few of them can be seen in the 2nd screenshot below. With over 100 unique items and keys already in place, there will be plenty to hunt for.

File Cabinets

File Cabinets are modern day treasure chests. Some will require keys while others are ripe for the plundering.

Much More

Many more systems have been put into place which are too numerous to list easily. Some of these include weapon scaling, unique item descriptions, new NPCs, combat refinements, items which can be equipped to the belt for quick access, and much much more.

What's Next?

There are still more back end systems that need to be built to get the game ready for a playable alpha. I don't have a planned release time for when you can get your hands on it yet due to the chaotic nature of both my life and the unpredictability of solo game development. I'll post more here as we approach new milestones.