Development Blog


- January Update -

Long time no see patient friends! Feast your eyes on the massive amount of content which I've put into the game over the last 5 months or so.

Collage of Awesome

Below are some of the kickass new additions I've made to the game.

A Blacksmith!


A Sad Computer!

More Bats!


Hella Traps!

Moving Platforms!

Fountains and Pillars!

Very Old Computers!


Flying Skulls!

A Staircase!

Giant Staple Removers!


Even more Traps!

A Golden Palace!

A car that only goes to 88!

I've created so much more than I can possibly even begin to speak of in this post over the last few months but suffice to say things are going well and the game is getting close.

What's Next?

The first two thirds of the levels are done being built now, though there are still little tweaks they will require as we move forward. Next on the block is building and decorating the remaining levels in the game. I wish I could say how long that will take but I'd much prefer to take the time needed to make things just right than to rush and release early. Also there is another round of alpha testing coming up. , More details forthcoming.