Development Blog


- August Update -

I've officially hit high gear in the development of the game. I'm taking more time off of my regular job to really crank down on D Sales. After implementation of a few more systems, I'll be able to finally start cranking out levels, after which the alpha and beta versions of the game will find themselves into some select hands for testing.

Check out some of the crazy things I've implemented recently.

Elemental Damage

Now you can and your rival salesman can inflict various elemental based damage on on another. This includes fire, frost, poison, bleeding, and shock damage.

New Weapons

Now you can unleash the wrath of the stapler, briefcase, beans, insanity beans, and lightning dash upon your unsuspecting foes.


Lots of new items to find throughout the world of Nardrol.

Other Stuff

I've added much more little stuff into the back end of the engine including combat refinements, drop through platforms, improved stairs, an shitload of loot, ladders, HUD improvements galore, new hair styles, new clothing, new animations, further refinements to the levelling system, and lots and lots of bugs fixed.