Development Blog


- April Update -

After a nasty April Fools prank telling of the woes of a flaming hard drive with insufficient backup data, here is some lovely news. The game is coming along swimmingly. It's been a while since I last updated the blog. I wasn't very productive over the first couple months this year, only working on the game a few hours each week (Apex Legends may have had some hand in it). March has seen a dramatic upswing in my workflow as I've cut quite a bit of the gaming out of my life to make room for development, bartending, and a degree of social life. Also my new OneWheel owns my soul, butt, and legs at least once a day.

Check out the sections below to see some of the big updates I've added to the game. Keep in mind that this is pre-alpha visuals which are likely to change before the release of the final game.

- New Features -


The combo system is coming along nicely. The branching combo options are based on attack input sequences and additional combos become available as you advance your character. The ability to juggle enemies in the air with a prefect combo is also implemented.

Water Coolers

The interface and respawn behavior for the Water Coolers, which you will become very familiar with, has been created. The first screenshot also gives a glimse into the context sensitive interaction system.


I also built a dialogue system with a nice pixel art vibe.

Menu System

The menu system is in place as well. This include inventory, items, stats, and settings. The ability to equip different suits, ties, shirts, belts, and shoes is an integral part of advancing your character through the game.


A tutorial system is now functional which will be used a sparingly as possible while still giving players enough information to survive.

Traps & Platforming

The game now has traps as well as platforming sections to mix up the rhythm of things and keep players on their toes.

What's Next?

The tutorial stage is nearly complete. After which I will be building the first area of the game and a nice boss to go with it. After that, I will release an Alpha build of the game for people to play and get some feedback on all of the game's system.